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Desire for Life community unites people for whom any restriction is not an obstacle but a challenge to find a reason to solve a complex problem and improve the quality of life. Our goal is to collect technologies that can change the world in one place; investors, changing the usual course of things; as well as people who are in need of such technologies. In order to make way for a new life without boundaries shorter.

We welcome inventors, engineers, scientists, doctors and other people possessing knowledge, which is perhaps not as well known to those who need it and provide direct interaction through our community.

Years of experience in rehabilitation of Valery Spiridonov and other community members will help to tease out the operating technologies that benefit and facilitate the lives of people.

In addition, the community aims to exchange views on how to overcome common problems and develop motivation for the new achievements on the path to a life without borders.

This post is also available in: Russian

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