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  • Who are you, and what do you do?

Today I, Valeriy Spiridonov, together with a group of my like-minded colleagues and companions-in-arms who have formed the “Desire for Life” group, by a twist of fate have found myself on the crest of the wave of scientific progress in medicine and in some related fields. Due to that, now we have the possibility to unite individual scientists and entire research groups, and to find ways of interaction between them for the purpose of developing medical technologies, which can save people’s lives over the long term. Today the portfolio of our team’s projects contains several methods, which are nearing completion. A large part of them have been created by Russian scientists, doctors of sciences, professors from leading universities, or practicing medical professionals.


  • When will the surgery take place?

Nobody makes it a point to set up any reference to a certain date. This is not a speed competition. But, according to Canavero’s calculations, if everything goes according to plan, two years are exactly the period required for technical confirmation of all scientific calculations and planning the details of the procedure. Surely, the surgery on a live person will be performed only when the doctor himself and the experts are 99% sure of success. Our plans do not include performing a surgery for the sake of making an interesting footage of a very expensive euthanasia.


  • Isn’t it scary to venture upon such a risky step?

Of course it is. Many of those who have ever transcended the boundaries of the unknown must have felt somewhat uncomfortable. I treasure my life, and appreciate it very much, as it is colorful and action-packed. My work is a labor of love, I work hard and travel a lot, and also participate in social activities. But also I am very fond of science and technologies, and I’m sure that the mankind should be able to solve the problems with their help, which it did not cope with previously. This includes overcoming incurable diseases. When I understood that I’d have a chance to participate in something really tremendous and important, I didn’t have doubts any more, and started working towards it.


  • Do you raise money for the surgery?

The funds received in the name of Valeriy Spiridonov and the “Desire for Life” group are directed for developing the technologies from the portfolio of projects and for supporting my public awareness campaigns. First of all, our goal is to help the Russian scientists and transplant surgeons who already have practical experience in the field of life saving.


  • Where are you going to get a donor’s body for the transplantation?

Every year tens of thousands of people get fatal injuries with the brain damaged. These can be consequences of accidents, or lethal cerebral hemorrhages. Also death penalty still exists in many countries. In the future, technologies of cloning, of growing of organs and entire bodies, will solve this problem at a completely different technological level.


  • Have you ever thought that after a successful surgery of body transplantation young, healthy people will start being hunted for the purpose of transplantations for rich elderly people?

We think that the body transplantation project is a tremendous, but at the same time quite a logical continuation of the development of transplantology in general. The same as with the first organ transplants back then, of course there arise the questions of legal and ethical nature. But I am convinced that today they can be solved too. This is the state’s task to refine the relevant laws in such a way that all the parties would be brought under regulation and secured. To make such surgeries justified solely in hopeless cases in order to save people’s lives.


  • And what about the soul? Are you not afraid to acquire the donor’s personality features?

To give valid answers to such questions, I’d have to undergo the surgery :) I’m sure that a person’s conscience, experience and individuality are located in the brain, and do not depend on the additional “packing” in the form of the organs and the trunk. Of course removal of certain restrictions, like weak muscles, can let one feel better, but it would hardly lead to a dramatic change of their self-identity.

This post is also available in: Russian

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